[TowerTalk] Another foldover question

Pete Soper psoper@donedeal.encore.com
Sun, 10 Aug 1997 13:17:28 -0400

	When I crank my foldover up, if I don't restrain it with a rope it
"falls" the last few degrees until it's vertical, slapping the tower with the
boom. This is nonhabit forming :-) I adjusted the guys to make the tower 
exactly vertical and wonder if this was an error. Perhaps arranging for a tiny
bit of lean in the direction that it folds down would help, or is there some 
other scheme to address this?
	For those who wonder if I'm checking for a hyphen in "anal
retentive", I failed to mention that my current hinge bolts are grade 5 zinc
plated, not galvanized. It took a while to realize that I've set myself up
for grief if/when the hinge rusts. This is why I'm trying to determine if the
proper bolts are stainless steel (or galvanized).


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