[TowerTalk] Connector insertion loss

Bill Turner wrt@eskimo.com
Sun, 31 Aug 1997 03:05:29 GMT

On Sat, 30 Aug 1997 15:37:12 -0500, Steve Daniel
<daniels@bellsouth.net> wrote:

>I have had an ongoing discussion with a fellow ham. As we have been 
>unable to resolve the question to our mutual satisfaction I have decided 
>to submit it to the group. If it is a topic that has been covered 
>before, I apologize. I did try the contesting.com search engine and came 
>up empty. The question is, does splicing together 2 pieces of coaxial 
>cable result in any significant increase in the loss characteristics of 
>the cable? For the purpose of discussion (and to make it real, to me) I 
>am talking about 30 mhz and below, RG-213 or 9913 type coax and properly 
>soldered PL-259 connectors and a good quality double female connector, 
>all nicely tightened and properly weatherproofed. Any thoughts on the 
>db/splice loss would be appreciated. 73, Steve, NN4T.
When running 1500 watts through a PL259, even after several minutes of
steady carrier (RTTY) the connector is barely warm.  I would estimate
the loss at less than a watt, if that much.  Ditto for the double
female connector.  That is so far below 1500 as to be inconsequential.
Don't worry about it.

73, Bill W7TI

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