Rohn 45 Foldover Hinge

Wendell - W5FL
Sat, 1 Feb 1997 23:01:21 -0600

I completed the erection of my 64 ft Rohn 45 Foldover tower today.  I =
stacked all except the top section and then removed the two 3/8 bolts =
bolting the hinge section together. =20

I remembered the instructions saying to loosen the hinge bolts, but I =
looked at them and they were very large welded pieces with a gap between =
the outer and inner pieces of th hinge and a large hinge bolt that was =
double nutted and they looked loose enough to me.  I didn't see anything =
that could bind so I folded the tower over.  Seemed a little stiff but =
came down just fine (used a rope to nudge it a little at the start). =20

Does anyone know what Rohn means to "loosen the hinge bolts" before =
folding the tower over, or is it like the rest of the directions that =
probably pertained to some out of date configuration and is no longer =
true now (such as the section to use a thimble on the winch and the =
thimble is welded to the hinge pin.  I am not complaining as most tower =
assemble instructions say stack the tower and mount antenna or nothing =
at all!  I just wonder if I am missing something and would hate to hurt =
the tower before I ever get a chance to use it.

Wendell Wyly     W5FL

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