"Free" Email Service (Juno)

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Sun, 2 Feb 1997 12:58:15 -0500 (EST)

2 FEB - 1140 CST


As somebody way back when said, "There is no such thing as a free 
lunch".  Juno email is only free in that the user does not have to pay 
any monetary fee.  However, there is a different price attached to using 
Juno.  The user is bombarded with advertising on his or her computer 
monitor, ends up being placed on a lot of commerical email advertising 
"sucker lists", and can not send or receive attached files.

The promoters of Juno Email promise to add attached file capability to 
their system.  But even with this improvement, I would rather pay a 
monthly (or discounted quarterly/annual fee) and not be subject to more
unwanted advertising...  

Yes, one does get some unwanted email advertising through fee-paid 
ISP's.  But most of this trash comes from one's posting messages on 
public usenet newsgroups.  And if you are persistant, you can usually 
get the originator's ISP to have your name removed from the originator's 
email list.  Or if this fails, you can always subscribe that address to 
one of the large newsgroups and turn the tables on the really bad 

Use Juno if you want to save a few bucks - but be aware that it is not 
truly "free".

73 - Dick Isely, WD9GIG

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