48hdbx tower with KT-34A

WBH3@chrysler.com WBH3@chrysler.com
Tue, 4 Feb 97 23:16:30 EST


I have  had a HDBX 48 tower with a KT-34XA one foot above it up for 5 years
now without any problems at all (except) for the blasted rotator(CDE).  Rohn
won't tell you anything because they have not calculated longer boom lengths
than 10 feet.  They bought the rights to buile the hdbx series of towers from
another company (whose name escapes me right now) and as far as I know they hav
have not re-engineered anything.  The top plate and rotator plate are of very
thin metal and you should be sure to use a thrust bearing.

The number for Rohn is 309-697-4400.

Incidentally, my tower does not move in high winds.  (i live near Detroit, MI).

I have about 7 yards of concrete in the base.

Regards and Good luck,

Bill Haselmire, WX8S

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