Concord - A Turn For The Worse

Doug Westover
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 11:11:29 -0800


I can only second what Jim and Stu are telling you! If you have any hope
of wining this you MUST get a lawyer and a continuance NOW! (if it isn't
already to late.) You have mistaken the city council/zoning/planning
comissions for people who care...they don't. Well, really they do, but
what the care about is ruffling the fewest feathers and making the
fewest waves and that can only be done by telling you "no". Why you've 
waited so long is beyond me, and keep in mind that a loss here is not
just your loss but it posions the waters for any other Concord ham
who might want to put up something (legally).

Good luck & 73,

Doug W6JD

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