Robert Reed W2CE by way of wa2moe@doitnow.com w2ce@juno.com
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 21:52:50 -0700

Despite already having a 70 foot crankup on his property, Manny, W2MF,
won big this evening with the approval of a 130 foot 2nd tower on his
property despite heavy neighbor complaints.

Manny's neighbors can no longer complain to Jackson Township New Jersey
of their view of the sky being blocked.

Interesting in the Townships approval was testimony for the amateur's
actual NEED for 130 feet of tower. The potential for stacked 20 meter
beams for optimum performance at a time of minimum sunspots was
presented as argument and was not debated.

Testimony presenters were congradulated by the zoning board during the
break following the approval and asked to present additional info to the
Zoning Board later for reference in future tower cases.

This I believe is the first case of a tower of this hieght being approved
in New Jersey.

73, Bob, W2CE
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