Concord Update:

Joe Spinosa
Thu, 6 Feb 97 21:36:30 UT

Just a quick note to let you know that I asked for and received a continuance 
at the public hearing in Concord, CA last night.

It will continue on March 5, 1995.

Revised plans will be submitted.  Because of two different interpretations of 
the antenna ordinance, there was some confusion.  It turns out that we can go 
30 feet without a special land use permit, instead of the 12 or 16 feet that 
the ordinance refers to.

So, the revised plans may just have everything below 30 feet.  That should 
remove me from the whole "land use permit process".  Naturally, no refunds.

However, the commissioners are really opposed to the whole thing.  The 
implication was that whatever I propose will be denied.

Then again, they just heard one side last night, that being the opposing 
public comment.  (The neighbors were well organized).  I just asked for a 

I'm running in sleep deprivation mode right now, so I'll leave it at that.

My personal thanks to Richard Shappe (WA5HQJ) of the Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio 
Club.  He sat with me through the entire 3 hour and 40 minute session, spoke 
briefly about emergency communications, and is in general one hell of a nice 
guy.  We had never met before last night, and he essentially ran a marathon on 
my behalf.  After receiving over 137 E-mail responses to my recent postings, 
it was nice to actually speak face to face with someone.

Incidentally, I apologize if at times it seems that I don't follow everyone's 
advice.  You have to realize that what you see on the reflector may only be a 
portion of what I have received from all sources.

My guess would be that almost unanimously was the recommendation of getting a 
lawyer.  I tried.  It was pretty short notice.  Now with a continuance in 
place, I will heed that advice.  Cost was never an issue.  Sometimes it seems 
that in order to cross the street, you need a lawyer.

No other issue had a consensus of opinion.  Apologies all around if I have 
"put anyone off".  I know how you feel, I constantly give my teenage son what 
I feel to be solid advice.  He rarely takes it.  Its hard to swallow, but I 
still like him anyway.

It turns out that those who choose to turn and run away, really do get to come 
back and fight another day.

Best Regards,
Joe Spinosa
Concord, CA

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