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Charlie Morrison
Fri, 07 Feb 97 10:16:59 est

     In a previous post I highlighted the following. Have 
     rcvd several responses.
     >>I am interested in discussing:
     >>-Rohn 55G installation. 
     >>-Concrete anchor designs for use in wetlands soil (wet/BLACK!)   
     >>before I pay an Engineer $1000 to design one.
     >>Will it sink ? Is 1 or 2 or 8 yards of concrete enough?
     ANY information about previously designed achors
     would be valuable.
     >>-Has anyone tried K4VX's DMS ? 
     No responses yet!
     >>-Beverage placement vs TX ants and other Beverages.
     >> (As Frank says: Remember Beverage is a man's name!)
     The concensus seems to be a 1/4 wave minimum. 1/2 wave is better.
     Charlie N1RR

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