Charlie Morrison
Fri, 07 Feb 97 13:18:01 est

     I thought I would share this with the group.
     Bill K5FUV makes several good points that will
     be evident at my station after I get the towers up ....

     Bill and I were talking about beverages over good ground.
     The really good ground he mentions is N5AU !
        Charlie - N1RR

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Subject: RE: Re[2]: 
Author:  "Kennamer, Bill,  K5FUV" <> at internet
Date:    2/7/97 1:34 PM

Actually, in Texas, we had really good ground. Although we had a truly 
superior set of Beverages, (Resonated wires, resonated impedance matching 
transformers, properly matched resistance termination, not a random wire), 
we never found them to be better than whatever transmitting antenna we were 
using. On the other hand, with the lousy ground up here, they seem to work 
well. However, part of the way they work is based upon that ground being 
lossy. With good ground, all you're probably ending up with is a low long 
wire, and if you have a gain TX antenna, you'll probably find that the 
better SNR of a gain antenna will offset any effect the Beverage may have.
I suspect when you get two or more verticals to Europe, you'll find them 
much better.

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