tower loading (tower failures)

Dr. Richard W. Musicer
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 19:46:38 -0800

Bryan Sparrowhawk writes:

>...Load us up with your tower post mortems.  I hear there's 1000 
>people on this reflector, assuming each one knows about 5 tower 
>installations, that's 5000 towers... certainly a couple of them fell 
>under interesting and NON-OBVIOUS  circumstances that we could all 
>learn from.

>de KD7LS, bryan

..Like a well-known local ham a few years back that lost his tower to 
a garbage truck that ALMOST backed-up straight down his driveway...

It was only one guy anchor, but LOTS of garbage by the time the driver 
came to a stop.

73 de Rick, N6CR in Atlanta

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