T2X Problem!

Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph w5hvv@aeneas.net
Sat, 8 Feb 1997 13:16:40 -0600

>Has anyone had a problem with the T2X rotator sort of sticking when you
>try to rotate it.  Try to rotate in one direction and nothing happens
>and then the other way and it moves so I then let it stop and it will
>rotate in the other direction.  (Have replaced the capacitor and all new
>cable.  Anyone with thoughts on this problem.  (Also, tore it apart and
>the upper section looked ok and it seemed to function ok on the bench!

Van, I think the problem is more likely to the be wedge that is used to
brake the rotor.  Telex vehemently denies that this is a problem... I've
even had it denied to me by the repair personnel at Telex that the T2X
even has that problem (the apparent sticking and working if it is rocked).
It is my understanding from a number of other T2X owners that the wedge
is not beveled enough to fit into the gear teeth...that the brake wedge
is actually a little too square, if you please!  I have had 3 T2Xs on my
tower in 4 years.  They all display that particular characteristic.  I've
found that it is much worse in the winter than in the summer.  Don't have
an explanation for that climactic phenomena unless the brake wedge and
the gear are of different material and therefore expand/contract at
different rates.  A large number of T2X owners have complained that they
have to "rock" the rotor to get it to turn.  I've certainly found it true.
I'm not sure there is much you can do about it.  If you hear of a "fix",
let me know.

73, Rod  W5HVV

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