T2X Problem!

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In a message dated 97-02-08 14:17:38 EST, w5hvv@aeneas.net (Roderick M.
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>Van, I think the problem is more likely to the be wedge that is used to
>brake the rotor.  Telex vehemently denies that this is a problem... I've
>even had it denied to me by the repair personnel at Telex that the T2X
>even has that problem (the apparent sticking and working if it is rocked).
>It is my understanding from a number of other T2X owners that the wedge
>is not beveled enough to fit into the gear teeth...that the brake wedge
>is actually a little too square, if you please!  I have had 3 T2Xs on my
>tower in 4 years.  They all display that particular characteristic.  I've
>found that it is much worse in the winter than in the summer.  Don't have
>an explanation for that climactic phenomena unless the brake wedge and
>the gear are of different material and therefore expand/contract at
>different rates.  A large number of T2X owners have complained that they
>have to "rock" the rotor to get it to turn.  I've certainly found it true.
>I'm not sure there is much you can do about it.  If you hear of a "fix",
>let me know.
     Hy-Gain/Telex did recognize this all too common problem serveral years
ago and redesigned the brake to help minimize this problem.

    Craig at CATS also has a redesigned brake wedge for sale that works well
and doesn't stick like the older style.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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