Wind Load of Coax Against Tower Leg

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>     Your assumption is basically correct.  The Rohn tower loading figure in
>the book is the NET result after deducting 1) the square footage of the
>cables and 2) 8 sq.ft. of antenna mount at the top of the tower.  So
>your hypothetical 100 foot 45G has a wind load capacity of:  the
>assumed 20 sq.ft. + 8 sq.ft. (the mount) + 23.1 for cables = 51.1
>square feet.  If you take THAT figure and start deducting your
>antennas, mast and cables, then I think you're pretty close to actual

I would consider one modification to that analysis ... reduce the amount of 
"extra" antenna load you can add by deleting some of the extra feedlines. 
The feedline load is distributed along the entire length of the tower and 
not a point load at the top.  One might consider the feedline load at the 
middle of the tower ... 


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