Sun, 9 Feb 1997 10:35:51 -0800 (PST)

Rod, N4SI wrote:

>In addition, every aluminum tower I have worked on, if it has been up 
>more than a couple of seasons, develops splits in the legs (people in 
>the south can stop reading here) due to the freeze/thaw cycle because 
>of water collecting in the legs.
>Whereas our more popular steel towers nest with the lower leg
>being inserted into the upper leg, the aluminum towers nest the upper 
>into the lower, providing a natural path for water to the inside of 
>the tower legs.
>A further manifestation of this is in disassembly, observing that all 
>of the cross bolts will be heavily (as in loss of significant amounts 
>of material) rusted.

And N4KG mentioned the weird design on the bracing...

I have worked on a few aluminum towers in my day, and the current discussion
is further proof of one of the K6NA tower corollaries:  Aluminum triangular
towers make beautiful 80 meter verticals.  That's all.

Glenn K6NA

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