Experience with Yaesu rotors

David Robbins k1ttt@berkshire.net
Sun, 09 Feb 1997 19:17:55 +0000

i have one each of the g-1000, g2700, and g2800 and have been very 
happy with them all.  the g-1000 turned a 40-2cd, the g2700 turns
a 6 ele 20m telrex, and the g-2800 turns an 8 ele telrex 15m beam.
the known problems with them relate to a bad series of mast clamps.
i had 2 of them break on initial installation here, both were replaced
at no cost.  and they have had trouble with the small dc motor that is
used to turn the indicator needle, they are a bit cheap and seem to 
fail regularly.  i have had 2 of the 3 boxes repaired by them(again
at no cost), fixed the third one myself and now keep a apare motor on 
hand for future use.  (one of them is getting intermittant again and
will probably need replacement shortly.)  i tried to just buy a whole
control box but they will only sell boards (unpopulated) and partsfor
them. the motors are of the $.50 variety and after prolonged use the
soft copper commutator appears to smear across the gaps shorting out
the windings and burning out the dropping resistors and sometimes
the ic that controls it.  on the plus side i have never had a failure
of the rotor itself, even in wind/ice conditions that would have
sheared the bolts i used to use on a prop-pitch rotor under the 6 ele
20m beam.  and even with the broken mast clamp the g-1000 held the 
40-2cd for most of a winter before i got up to replace it.

David Robbins K1TTT (ex KY1H)
k1ttt@berkshire.net   or   robbins@berkshire.net

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