Sun, 9 Feb 1997 16:44:49 -0800

Hi, Scott.

Have already read N3RR's reply, so will not duplicate his comments.

There appears that there might be a situation in how the antennas were 
interconnected. Both antennas need to be in phase. This means that the center 
conductor of the coax must be on the same "side" of the drivers in both 
antennas. If they are not, the two antennas will be 180 degrees out of phase and 
the array will show reduced performance whenever it is switched in. Instead of 
enhancing either of the upper or lower, the stack will decrease the signal 
levels. With a voltage balun, this is not necessarily a simple thing to check. 
The easiest thing to do is to switch the feedpoint on one of the antennas, 
probably the lower one, if it is more accessible.

You probably already have both feedlines equal lengths, so that should be all 

		73, Tom, N6BT
		Force 12 Antennas and Systems

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