Loos Guy Wire Tensioner

CQK8DO@aol.com CQK8DO@aol.com
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 16:02:37 -0500 (EST)

Yup... This topic was extensively covered...  The concensus (at least my
opinion of the concensus:) and my experience, is to just use it per factory
calibration... I lifted a 480 pound load (6 bags of cement) with 3/16 EHS and
used the Loos on it, and the difference was minimal... Guy wire tension
changes from a cold day to a hot day exceed any error due to the differences
between EHS and sailboat rigging...

You have to note that the recommended preload is 10%... TEN PERCENT.... Now
think about it... do you believe that any laboratory experiment in the real
world would come out 10%, as opposed to 8.194% or 13.062%, etc... The fact
that it is ten percent tells you that the senior engineer was asked by the
sales department, "What preload should we put in the advertising
material?"... and he said, "Oh, ten percent will work."  and that is how it
became 10%....


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