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k4sb@avana.net k4sb@avana.net
Tue, 11 Feb 97 02:53:56 PST

Repost...thought it might be of help to those of you inflicted with the "95 virus"


--- On Mon, 10 Feb 1997 22:03:44 -0500  "Roger L. Elowitz" <K2JAS@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
Hi Ed,

Thanks for the update on the new 9913F.  That's just what I needed to learn
having just bought about 500 ft. of the older stuff and using it to run
three feedlines around a rotor.  So, you can't win them all!!

BTW, if I'm not mistaken,  you can't find the "cents" key ...  because
it doesn't exist any more! So, you want to know how the cents characters
ended up in my e-mail I'll bet.

I opened my Word for Windows95 v7.0 and asked for "Help."  The program
guided me to the "Insert" menu and then down to the "Symbol" item which
brought up a screen full of characters you never in your wildest dreams
thought existed. These symbols and characters are font dependant... not all
fonts have all characters available.  

Anyway, if you click on the box with the desired symbol, it will then appear
in the line of text you are typing. Furthermore, there is a shortcut way of
obtaining this symbol by holding the CTRL key while hitting the forward
slash [/], then,  releasing all the keys and then hitting the letter "C".
Needless to mention, this same key combination DOES NOT WORK in my EUDORA
e-mail program. Neither does this work in my Netscape e-mail program. 

So, the 64 million dollar question is.... (drum roll.......)  WHERE DID IT
COME FROM?  Simple. Once I had the symbol on the screen in the Word program
I highlighted it and did the CTRL + C key combination to copy the
highlighted item and then went to the e-mail document and used the key
combination of CTRL +V to paste the symbol into the e-mail text.

While this seems to be a whole lot of trouble... it might have been easier
to start the entire e-mail document in the word processor program and then
copy and paste the whole thing into the e-mail document in one swell foop!

Anyway, I hope I've been helpful.  If you'd like and think any one else is
interested.. why not re-post my answer on TowerTalk?

73, de Roger, K2JAS


>Name: Ed Sleight
>E-mail: k4sb@avana.net
>Date: 2/10/97
>Time: 11:41:35 PM

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Name: Ed Sleight
E-mail: k4sb@avana.net
Date: 2/11/97
Time: 2:53:56 AM

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