New Belden 9913F
Tue, 11 Feb 1997 04:14:37 +0000

> When did they take the "cents" key off the keyboard. 

Go ahead and flame me for not being contest/tower/DX/
logger/whatever related, but this is useful information that a lot of 
people may have forgotten.

There are a number of symbols carried in the ASCII set that are 
accessible from the keyboard. You can "type" them by holding down 
either <ALT> key and typing the 3 digit code on the numeric keypad 
off to the side. It won't work with the numbers above the letters, as 
they have different values as far as the keyboard processor is 

The "cent" symbol, =A2, is CHR(155). There are lots of other useful 
one's as well. =BC (172), =BD (171), =B2 (253), are all useful in our 
technical discussions. =A1 (173), =BF (168) assist our Spanish speaking 
friends, as do =F1 (164) and =D1 (165). For our British friends, =A3 (156)=
is a useful one to know.

Open a text file and try out all the numbers from 128 to 255, and 
save it as a handy reference. One thing, though, not all of them work 
on all systems. My apologies if some of the ones displayed don't look 
right on yours.

73, Rod N4SI
    The DXer formerly known as N9AKE
         (c) 5 November, 1996

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