Aluminum towers
Tue, 11 Feb 97 13:40:27 PST

First of all, thanks to K0RC for some very useful info.

Secondly, my third tower is a 105' Heights aluminum free standing. I don't care what anyone
says, that sucker is guyed at 3 levels with Phillystrand. After erecting the tower, and I 
used coax seal around every joint, covered by tape, I drilled 3 small 1/8" holes in each leg
at the concrete base...In spite of everything, water still got inside, but in very small bought three of those "waterpipe" heaters ( about 3 feet long ) and
wrapped them around the bottom three feet. An outdoor thermostat connected to a relay will 
automatically turn on the 3 heaters whenever the temp drops to 32+/-. and will remain so until
the thermostat turns off. Incidentally, before putting the base section on, I filled all legs
of the tower with concrete up to about 1" below the holes. I still have to clean out the holes
occasionally, but no problems with fractures. Of course, we don't get those sub zero temps
like some of you do, but this works and I'm sure the idea can be improved.

Finally, my #3 is a 75' Rohn 25 used for a 3 element 40...One morning about a week or so
after putting it up, I found a rather sharp indentation in one of the legs....sorta like what
you would get if you really hauled off and hit it with an ax...Off to home depot, and back with
a piece of steel pipe which had an id a little less than the od of the leg. Took a 1 foot
section, split it in two with a carbide blade, and strapped it across the damage with muffler
clamps, tightened, and that leg straigtened out like a charm. 3 heavy duty muffler clamps now
hold the section, and the tower is steady as a rock...

Finally finally, the alum tower was originally hinged at about the 30 foot lever...I had the
hinges sandblasted, primed, and repainted, and they are now taking up space in my junk room..
If anyone wants them, they're yours for the asking....they can be easily modified to Rohn

73, Ed

Name: Ed Sleight
Date: 2/11/97
Time: 1:40:27 PM

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