ORION Weakness ?

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> I'm not
>a mechanical engineer, but it seems to me that spreading the torque over
>the larger outside diameter of the Create case is 'better' than having 
>all the torque concentrated on the small output shaft of the ORION.
>I know ORION has gone to a splined output shaft and presummably will
>not have the keyway problems of the old HDR-300, but.... is that still
>a poorer design than the more traditional Create shape ?  Or does the
>splined shaft eliminate any slopiness there, making the whole thing
>just as sturdy as the Create ?  Will the Create probably have a longer
>life expectancy than the ORION ?  Also, how is the quality of the
>direction sensing pot ?  Are they equally likely to survive years outdoors ?
>Maybe someone who has seen the insides of both rotators can comment ??
>I'd like to buy American..but I'm trying to decided if the ORION is the way
>to go..   All opinions/comments appreciated !
    The splined output shaft of the Orion is brute.  It should be one of the
last things to fail. Sorry, I haven't seen a Create so can't comment on its
output shaft.

    The mast clamp of the Orion is also a thing of beauty and MUCH stronger
than anything else on the market.  The cast aluminum Create/Yaesu/etal. mast
clamps are easy to break during installation and I don't think the holding
capacity is anywhere near that of the Orion.  

     Comments received on TowerTalk from Create owners has been been very
good.  I've installed a number of the Orions and they have their fans as

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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