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> Guys, the discussion is fine in theory, but anyone who would even think of erecting a tower
> which comes any distance that close to power lines is going to have his fellow hams sitting
> on his porch, drinking his beer, and telling his widow what a fine guy he was. 
Some of us can't avoid this problem.  When I lived in the city, I had a 
45 x 132 foot lot with the primary power drop down the long side of the 
property to a pole transformer for several adjacent homes at the back of 
the lot.  There was no place that I could put the 48 foot Rohn 25 tower 
on that lot to get adequate clearance.  Before I put up the tower, I 
bought a used Classic 36, but that would have hung over the lines and the 
neighbor's yard, so I put up a KT34A instead, and it worked well for 8 years.

I agree with your point, however.  When we moved 5 years ago, the new 
tower is 115 feet from the house (and I wish it were tall enough to hit 
the house).  If it falls over, the only thing to break its fall in one 
direction is a cedar picket fence.

We make do with what we have...

73, Drew

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