Crankup safety

Alfred J. Frugoli
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 18:45:06 +0000

Terry Dunlap wrote:
> Those certainly sound like good rules to me but I'm still in the dark about
> safe alternatives.  Do you crank the tower all the way down and use an
> extension ladder to reach the mast/rotor/antennas?  Do you still block the
> tower when using a ladder and if so how do you safely block it before using
> a ladder???

I use an extention ladder while the tower is "fully retracted".  I lower 
tower as far as the limit switch will allow, then I place the ladder on 
lowest section, and never on any of the higher ones for fear it may put 
wierd strain on the cable etc and casue the tower to shift.  I do not 
the tower when I'm doing this kind of work. (probably should though)  
Then I
climb the ladder to work on boom/mast connection, switch box, feed line
checks, etc.  If I have to do anything that requires touching the tower
sections themselves or reachign inside the sections (i.e. rotor work,
tightening u-bolts on boom for inverted V's or the switchbox) I tilt the 
over and then I put a large 12x12 beam that is about 5 feet tall under 
tower to take th strain off the raising fixture.  Then I extend the 
out enough to work on the rotor and block the sections so they won't 

That's my method, anybody else have any hints, suggestions, criticisms?

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