NEC & Tower Permits

Del Seay
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 06:04:47 -0800

I don't have my copy of NEC here, but if I'm not mistaken, the
code you're referring to was written to require seperation of
conductors on a utility line, such as power distribution and
telephone/cable tv lines run on the same supports. (Poles, buried,

John Brosnahan wrote:

> >>>Again, yes, it's a good idea, but is it really "code"?  (I don't have
> >>>the NEC handy to determine if what his says is valid or correct.)
> Ken,
> I think you are correct in your interpretation.  I was just trying
> to quote part of the NEC and show that 1)  that paragraph does exist
> and 2)  that it addresses <250V rather than >250V.
> Chad will have to argue the interpretation on his own, but it is clear
> to me that it doesn't mean "falling" distance.
> John
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