Polishing antenna elements

Roger L. Elowitz K2JAS@worldnet.att.net
Fri, 14 Feb 1997 21:58:39 -0500

Hi Chuck,

Now really, when you step back and look at your new beam(s) glinting in the
sunlight aren't you impressed with your handiwork?  Isn't it a beautiful
sight to behold?  Makes your heart skip a beat or two...doesn't it?  It's
not a rational thing and you are never called to justify that feeling. You
just keep it to yourself, smile and keep staring.

Then, after five or six years in the air you have to admit it no longer has
that ol' magic... does it?  Why?  Because it doesn't shine... of course!

Put up a new antenna or polish (refurbish) the old one and Voil=E0!... the=
magic is back... isn't it?  There's just no passing that antenna without
stopping and staring...is there?

Is this any more insane than screaming "FI"..."FI"...."FI"  (for KF5FI) in
the mike trying to get into the dx pile-ups?  Not really!  We've all "lost
it a little" haven't we, but...what the hell, it's all fun.

The problem comes when it takes over our lives and we take it a little too
seriously or we lose touch with the real world. So, hang easy guys... enjoy
the fun and just go with it.

Respectfully... and playfully,
Roger, K2JAS

At 10:46 PM 2/14/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Roger L. Elowitz wrote:
>> Hi Ed,
>> I loved your comments and info.  Welcome to my club of.... all those hams
>> who have "truly lost it" but for want of anything better to do with their
>> lives, are given to polishing aluminum antenna elements.
>Gad!  You guys really ARE nuts!  :)
>Chuck, KE5FI

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