Traps and advertising claims
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 12:03:22 -0500 (EST)

< We can talk about models and manufacturers claims and theory and how
things "seem" until the cows come home and get tangled in the beverages, but
until we start making some real, meaningful measurements we probably won't
be any closer to the truth.>

We actually do have some real measurements that reveal very low power losses
in good traps, performed by measuring temperature rise for a given power
input over a given time, using a KT34XA... At this moment my
Al-what's-his-name disease is kicking up and I do not remember who reported
that...or on which reflector... 
?Possibly Tony?  speak up fella and get me off the hook here...

Go back through the archives here, on KA9FOX web page, and on cq-contest and
you will find a slew of chatter, information, misinformation and a bit of
scientific fact, on this topic... This is old ground and I hesitate to
re-plow it here....


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