Coax Wind Resistance Grease

Bill Coleman AA4LR
Mon, 17 Feb 97 17:33:41 -0500

>From:        Roger L. Elowitz,
>Ask any old-timer and he'll tell you what really happens.....  The stuff you
>get in tubes and 1/2-pint cans of  "rf grease".... REALLY DOES WORK... BUT,
>and here is the kicker... ONLY FOR TWO OR THREE WEEKS. 

If any sort of grease had ANY affect on wind resistance, airliners would 
be covered with it. 


Think about it -- what do you think is the major expensive of any 
airliner (other than the capital investment in the airplanes)?

The SHAPE of the coax is what causes the wind resistance, as any student 
of aerodynamics can tell you. The condition of the surface isn't as 
important in the first approximation.

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