Man will never fly
Tue, 18 Feb 97 03:18:36 PST

Oh, I don't know about that....I have a buddy with Delta who punched out of a Navy F8U
around 42,000 feet. Then he discovered his parachute wouldn't open....He actually took it off
and tried to repair use....splash...Amazingly, he lived through it although he broke
about every bone in his body. I think he still holds the record for a "man flying". Of course,
now a days, he uses a L1011.

And yes, they recovered the parachute, still unopened, and yes, when he was able, he took it
back to the rigger. Those of you who have seen the sign usually posted in the chute shop will


Name: Ed Sleight
Date: 2/18/97
Time: 3:18:36 AM

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