RF Safety

Doug Westover westover@sneezy.sri.com
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 16:36:35 -0800


I agree completely. These things start out as a piece of pseudo-science or a
"feeling" which requires us to "do something". "Doing something" requires
a new set of regulations and, of course, a new set of regulators to solve
this "terrible problem". Once the "terrible problem" has been reduced to meet
the original "accepatable standards", why, wonder of wonders, it turns out
that it was even WORSE than we thought. The standards get changed, the 
bureaucrats keep their jobs, even more get hired, and everyone's happy
except the poor slobs that have to jump through the hoops. One only
needs to look at what the EPA wants to do to the clean air standards,
the ever growing number of "endangered species" and our "rapidly
diminishing wetlands" (which, BTW, can be a mud puddle in CA) to see the
process in action.

So, anyway, I went over to the "rfsafety" site and was releived to
discover that unless I rag-chew for a LONG time on 10 meters at the
legal limit I will not cause my neighbors to glow in the dark. And after
trying all sorts of reasonable permutations of station configuration
it became clear that it is the "camel nose syndrome" at work. Just wait
for the NEW IMPROVED standards!

Doug W6JD

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