Amp Reflector II

Bob Scott
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 20:32:06 -0600

> Ok, here is the cost of the amp reflector I can set up.
> There is a $25.00 set up fee.  Then it is $5.00 / month for 250 users and
> cost of $1.00 /month for every 50 users over the 250 mark.  I can cut off
> the users at 250.  I would not think there would be that many users.  I
> it is not a lot of money, but I am married with teenage kids and an
> expensive hobby.  So, I am just wondering if there is a need (which I
> there is) but I have to somwhat frugal in my approach.   I could have the
> system up and running in a couple of days....
> By the way, what has happened to the contest reflector?
> Lee Buller

Lee, I would love to pay for the first quarter ($15.00) if this will help
Hopefully others could pitch in for a month or two. Of course you have to
that I will be one of the 250 users!  Let me know where to send a check, or
if your 
callbook address is okay.....

73 Bob

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