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Wed, 19 Feb 1997 08:37:24 -0500

Sorry everybody. Submitted this yesterday but forgot to show subject, so
here it is again for those of you who deleted it without reading.

Fellow DXers:
We are in the initial planning stages for putting together some 5 el.
monobanders. I have saved W3LPL's YO files that appeared here a while
back. Anybody else have a design that has worked well which they are
willing to share? We are also looking for information on the mechanical
details, such as element to boom mounting hardware. We have W6SAI's beam
antenna handbook for starters. Any other recommendations for printed
material out there, either in books or maybe references to magazine
articles, etc?  One question in particular has intrigued me- why do many
of the popular commercially made beams employ a split driven element,
insulated from the boom, when grounding the driven element to the boom
is both mechanically superior and simpler to construct? Anybody know of
a good source for aluminum tubing, within 200 mi. of Green Bay, Wi?
Or, between Green Bay and Dayton? We are planning on homebrewing
everything, right down to the heavy aluminum saddle blocks that go with
the U-bolts.
Thanks for the input, guys, and see you in the pileups!
Tom K0SN

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