Fiberglass, RTV and plastic sources

Bill Cotter
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 10:02:32 -0500


Sometime ago I was given the following information as a source of
Fiberglass products:

	Alan Bond Fiberglass Products
	221 Greencrest Ct.
	Marietta, GA 30068-3825

At the time I was in need of fiberglass tubing for making insulating
sections for a vertical array. I found the tubing elsewhere, so I haven't
tried the above source.

For plastics (Lexan, Delrin, etc) try Cadillac Plastics:
For silicone RTV, I use the local Dow Corning dealer, Applied Technology
Corp. Check your area. My favorites are 732 standard clear silicone
adheasive(about $3/80z tube: like bathtub caulk) and 734 clear flowable
silicone adheasive (about $8/8oz tube: flows like molassas, fills hard to
reach places, excellent for potting baluns, exposed connectors, etc. cures
like regular RTV). Dow also has types designed for electrical service. Try
here for info.

Hope this info helps.

Bill N4ALG

At 08:31 PM 2/17/97 -0600, Brent Childers wrote:
>QRZ Tower Talkers,
>I am in the process of rebuilding a Cushcraft 2 element 40 to W6QHS specs.
>I was wondering what type of RTV or silicon caulk to use on the rivet holes.
>Also the wooden dowel or fiberglass rod used in the ends of the boom and at
>the boom to mast bracket.  I don't really want to used wood for the end
>pieces since the weather here in north Texas eats wood alive, even if it has
>been painted.  I know that K5ZD used PVC tubing to re-enforce his boom, but
>the closes size I've found leaves too much room for deformation.  I have not
>been able to find a source for the fiberglass.  Per 'QHS the diameter of the
>dowel must be 1 7/8".
>Any help would be appreciated.
>        73 de W5WW
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