[TowerTalk] Traps, etc...

Roger A. Cox WB0DGF 75052.3037@CompuServe.COM
20 Feb 97 09:03:39 EST

My initial measurements of a 10 meter trap coil (P/N 878749) indicates a Q of
approx. 220.  This was done quickly on an old Boonton Type 190-A Q-meter.  I
will be checking the 15 meter trap coil as time permits, and the 10 meter coil
again on other instruments.  We have a more modern HP Q-meter and Network
Analyzers, which will probably give more accurate results.

I will also be responding to about 15-20 other individual inquiries as time

73 Roger WB0DGF
Telex Communications, Inc. (Hy-Gain)

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