[TowerTalk] Visible Material

Fred Hopengarten k1vr@juno.com
Thu, 20 Feb 1997 14:01:37 EST

A Question of Measurement

	In the latest (March 1997) issue of QST, I have written a column
entitled:  "Talking to the Town."  I solicit contributions from this
reflector, however, on how to present the issue of size to a town body.

	Rohn 25 is an antenna support structure 12 inches in face width. 
Rohn 45 is 18 inches in face width.  Yet each is built with a lattice
structure.  As a Volunteer Counsel, I think I'd like to make those
measurements seem even smaller, if the right phrasing can be created. 
Lattice towers have a lot of open air, so I'm thinking it ought to be
possible to craft sentences such as:

While carrying a 12 inch face, for each square foot of structure, only
____ square inches of that square foot is steel.  The rest is clear air.


For each square foot of this structure's face, only ___ % is solid
surface, dramatically reducing visibility.

I would welcome your suggestions, calculations, or measurements, for Rohn
and other towers..
Fred Hopengarten, K1VR
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