[TowerTalk] 7 MHz antenna

Osten B Magnusson sm5dqc@algonet.se
Sat, 22 Feb 1997 11:46:45 -0500 (EST)

Have been thinking about a two element beam, 40-2CD or EF240, but donīt think
my tower and rotator will handle that load, there is a KT34A up there now. 

So here are four questions, maybe FAQīs, but I need an answer anyway:

1       A friend of mine has his quarterwave vertical supported by the tower,
        about 4 feet out from tower. Is this OK ? How close to the tower could
        one place a vertical without tower affecting performance, and what
        happens if the vertical is too close ???

2       I know that the GAP Voyager is no good for 160, but some says itīs
        working very fine on 40 and 80. Would that antenna be just as good as
        a fullsize quarterwave vertical on 7 MHz, the vertical having maximum
        eight radials, and probably need to have them elevated.

3       Is the GAP Voyager just a vertical dipole ? If thatīs the case itīs 
        to use a homebuilt one for just 7 MHz......

4       What would YOU recommend for  7 MHz if a beam is not possible ?
        For DX that is.

Please e-mail your answers to:    sm5dqc@algonet.se

Many thanks in advance and 73/DX de Osten / SM5DQC

                                " REAL RADIOS GLOW IN THE DARK "


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