[TowerTalk] 20 Metre Yagi Designs

David Henry 106614.2453@compuserve.com
Sun, 23 Feb 1997 11:29:09 -0500

I have a question on behalf of a local amateur (MM0ALM) who is planning to
convert his 140 foot tower to being fully rotatable and mount on it a
six-over-six-over six Yagi array for 20 Metres (centred on 14.170 MHz). He
is looking for a proven design for making such an antenna from 1 1/4 inch
tapering to 1/2 inch Aluminium.
 He also wants to know the optimum vertical spacing between the individual
yagis, and the lowest workable height for the first yagi.
Finally, he needs suggestions on the recommended matching devices for such
an array.

Any ideas, folks?

73 de MM0AOF (Aberdeen, Scotland)

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