[TowerTalk] Wire Yagis

Alfred J. Frugoli ke1fo@dayton.akorn.net
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 20:28:04 +0000

I'm looking at putting up some wire yagis for 15M, 20M, and possibly 40M 
over my spring break, and I'm looking for some suggestions.  Here are my 

How many emements are people using, and if only 2 elements, are you 
using a director or reflector.  Is it direction switchable?

How is the antenna suspended, between two supports, single support with 
a boom and like an inverted V?  If you are using a boom, how are you 
connecting the wire to the boom?

What wire guage are you using, or are you using a wire cage?

How is the antenna fed?

What is the element spacing?

Hare there any multiband wire yagi's out there?  like 15/20M on single 
"boom"?  How are they fed?  Interactions between elements?

I appreciate your input, and I will summarize for the reflector.  I have 
no antenna modelign software on my computer at present, or I would model 
some designs.  I'm really looking for proven designs and field 

Just for reference, these beams will be pointed just north of east at 
eu/af.  I'm not looking for real sharp patterns, but maybe 2 element 
antennas that will provide some gain without too narrow a beamwidth.  I 
am not overly concerned with F/B ratio.  I have a freestanding crankup 
tower I could use to mount them on at about 50 feet that has inverted 
v's for 80M and a tribander at 70 feet, or I can get them up in the 
trees between 35-50 feet.  The ground under the antennas slopes down 
towards europe/africa for about 1 mile, a drop of 200-300 feet.

Thanks in advance.  Please reply direct and I will summarize for the 
Al, KE1FO, ex. KE6BER    mailto:ke1fo@contesting.com or ke6ber@tiac.net
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