[TowerTalk] Using yagi booms as dipoles

Robin E. Midgett rmidgett@edge.net
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 00:11:44

Hello Paul,
I have the article, will be happy to mail a copy to you. I need your

At 09:27 AM 2/24/97 -0800, Paul Ash wrote:
>Hello, and thanks for reading this.
>I'm looking for a QST article on using yagi booms
>as dipoles. I believe gamma matches were used.
>I've been told that it was in August 1983 QST.
>If anyone out there has a copy of 
>that issue I would be very greatful if you could drop
>me a line. I would be glad to cover any postage/copying
>costs. Tnx and 73 de Paul N1PA.
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73, Robin KB4IDC

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