[TowerTalk] HD-73

Tue, 25 Feb 1997 21:08:32, -0500

Gee, I used an HD-73 for over ten years turning a TA-33 and a pair of 
11el 2M yagis.
The rotor was trouble free for all that time....2 or 3 hurricanes and 
lots of Long Island nor'easters. 
It gave up the ghost last winter during one of our blizzards and was 
replaced with a Yaesu G-800SDX.
( the Yaesu has a great control box!!)
If you want a CDE type rotor, go to a flea market. There are tables 
of broken ones waiting to be fixed and hauled up a tower, 'till the 
spring when you can haul it down again and sell it at a flea market.

73, Jim WB2TPS

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