[TowerTalk] Towers in San Diego

Rod Adkins rod@ica.net
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 07:45:00 -0500

I will be moving to San Diego in the next couple of months, & would like to
get my ducks in a row re what I can & can't do.

Plans are:
1.  to put a 4-element Gem Quad up at about 70feet, preferably on a
crank-down or tilt-over, so I can adjust the thing (I have a Ham 4 rotor)

2. get my satellite station back up, either on a roof-top or short tower (I
use Yaesu az/el rotors, & an M^2 boom)

3. a third tower for vhf/uhf terrestrial work & inv vees for the low bands

I would appreciate knowing the wind loading I need to work to for this area,
and any recommendations on a tower for the hf antenna.

I will be posting to ham-law for legal help (my realtor has been warned, but
I'm not clear she takes it seriously yet!).

My office will be located near Montgomery Field Airport, so if anyone has
suggestions of an area where hams/towers are tolerated within an hours
drive, that would be appreciated too.

Anyone help on contact info for a ham radio club in the San Diego area ??

Rod Adkins,  VE3INE

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