[TowerTalk] Questions

WR34SHE@shellus.com WR34SHE@shellus.com
Fri, 28 Feb 97 13:01:54 CST

SUBJECT: Questions

- Has anyone had a problem using the RCS-4 antenna switch for beverage
  switching?  Some folks have reported hum when on receive which
  covers up weak signals on 160.

- What guy wire lengths cause the least interaction?  I plan to have the
  fisrt 50'in Philystranand then go to 3/16 ehs.

- I ended up buying an electric winch form the Golo winch company. I haven't
  used it yet so I hesitate to say much.. It looks like it will do the
  job.  I will have a write-up covering my home brew one and the Golo in
  a future posting.

thanks for reading this and for any comments...

Sam K9SD


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