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>I'm in the process of rebuilding my 40-2cd to 100 mph rating per W6QHS.  I
>found some anodized grade 8 bolts at the local hardward store for a good
>price.  Anyone have any experience using these bolts with aluminum?  And if
>I use the bolts at the feed point will there be a problem with dissimilar
>metals?  Any feedback would be appreciated.
       Stainless steel is the first choice, hot dipped galvanized is second.
 Anodized are not suitable for outdoor use, let alone a critical electrical
joint like the feedpoint.

     Use of any of these metals results in a dissimilar metal situation.
 Since the factory uses SS, I suggest you do too.  Use a good anti-oxidant on
all connection including the elements and you'll stay out of trouble.  

    BTW, avoid splitting the coax at the feedpoint.  Use a dipole connector
so you can plug a PL259 into it and weatherproof the joint.  It's impossible
to keep water out of the split coax arrangement.  Cushcraft cheaps out again.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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