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Tue, 14 Jan 1997 17:56:15 -0800

Dear folks:

Interesting how this gentleman was apparently waiting for a chance to expound on 
this subject. I did anticipate that, of course - in fact, I was told beforehand 
because of some history in this area. However, I did choose to make a specific 
reply to Mr. Soper. I will make one in regards to Mr.Tony Brock-Fisher.

It is nice you have so many hard-felt opinions. You sure like to create subjects 
to talk about, whether they are relevant or not. I believe your first paragraph 
might well characterize your entire reply.

Your comments about the original poster not mentioning the antenna being 
specifically used for a DXpedition is a bit odd. Don't recall Mr. Soper saying 
that at all and neither did I. It happens to perform that task that very well, 
though. Your comment in the same paragraph regarding "low height, near or over 
water, the longer boom length of other antennas would not be effective" is not 
correct either. I think almost everyone knows this.

Longer booms usually imply more gain and if the (Yagi) antenna can't be very 
high, then more gain is a great alternative. The increase will cause vertical 
lobe compression (compared to an antenna of less gain) and emit more energy at 
lower angles, which is what we usually are searching for. Utilizing a vertical 
track test site verifies this situation - even the software will show the 
improvement on a comparison, with a rectangular graph being a good tool for this 

That's all. Have other things to do, like figuring out how to find true North. 
I'll check tonight to see if the North Star is still in the right position 

Hope all you fellows make it through the VK0 pile-ups. It might be tough on the 
low bands.

		73, Tom, N6BT
		Force 12 Antennas and Systems

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