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Joe:  Please give me a call to discuss this if you haven't been
in contact with your local volunteer counsel. 

I've done over 30 public hearings in front of zoning boards/plan
commissions for hams over the past several years.

My initial thought was that you must be an "engineer", since
they know everything and don't need to ask for help. (The flame shield
is up you engineers...I love to charge extra for not following my free
advice and then calling me on Sunday night before the final hearing to
ask me to "fix" the record you made by yourself before the Zoning Board).
This is NOT the way to do it, believe me.  Free advice is worth what you pay
for it, but I'll try to give you some pointers...the first being "don't try
to do it by yourself." Call John Hennessee at the ARRL and ask for the name
of the local ARRL VC. (Nuts, ask for 90 feet and compromise at 60!!)

73, Jim O'Connell, W9WU ARRL VC (Central Division)

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