[TowerTalk] Figuring Noon

Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph w5hvv@aeneas.net
Mon, 7 Jul 1997 23:10:23 -0500

I would like to put in my $.02 worth regards the efforts of those that
attempt to get their antennas oriented correctly on true north.

Many of the amateur fraternity (and I am included in this group) are
perfectionists.  Being a perfectionist is what causes a person to try
their damndest to copy perfect code; to build their antenna systems
absolutely correctly; to work the most contests during a contest; to
be all that they can possibly be.  There is nothing wrong with that!
You'd better damned well believe that Michelangelo and Frank Lloyd
Wright, were perfectionists.

For those that feel that if they get their damned antennas oriented
within 10-15 degrees, that every thing is kosher, so be it.  If they are
those that would likely be satisfied with working 100 countries and
feel that they have "done DX"; that if they work 200 stations during
a contest, that they have put in the effort, then so be it.

For those of us that strive for perfection, whether copying code, working
DX, participating in contests, orienting our antennas correctly: let us
strive to do that without all the type B personalities snipping at us.

I feel better now.  Perhaps the gas will subside and I will not be banished
to the outdoors.

Best Regards,

Rod, W5HVV

>Sure ... however, satellite and moonbounce usually require asimuth and
>elevation rotors ... and I'm pretty sure it's possible to do 20 meter
>moonbounce, but haven't heard it being done!
>Point is, most of the discussion is on heavy hf antennas for dxing ...
>and even with stacking, the horizontal lobe is ... well ... fat. My
>comments stand ... and my confusion remains.
>Rick, WB3EXR

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