[TowerTalk] Opinions on U.S. Towers Tubulars

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> Regarding the statements made by Bill on out of State calcs not being
>  acceptable in other States, I just had a thought.
>  ALL the 50 States are required by the Constitution of the United States
>  to recognize the laws of other States. Drivers licenses are the most
>  common example I suppose.
>  OK, for all you attorneys, why would this not apply in this case.
    I'm not an attorney but I'll make an educated guess. 

    Local building codes and laws are not universal. You've got city, county,
state and national codes that may apply and they're not always the same. 

    As far as engineering stamps, each state issues its own licenses. But
there is reciprocity. If you're a PE in one state, you can do the paperwork
and be approved in another state; it's just paperwork. Rohn will give you wet
stamped plans for any state because they've gone through the excercise. The
PE used by US Towers or whoever just hasn't bothered with this issue - and
probably isn't interested. 

     I'll bet you a nickel that some of these issues can be changed by
statute but it appears as if there are more pressing statuatory issues that
people are worried about.

      I guess that's about three cents worth.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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