[TowerTalk] More input on testing of traps

Roger L. Elowitz K2JAS@worldnet.att.net
Sun, 01 Jun 1997 23:15:31 -0400

Hey Mike....

Why not give Mosley a call?  If the potential manufacturer can't provide you
with help to ID the traps or figure out a way to test them.... or for that
matter offer to test them for you for a reasonable fee... then ask the
guru's on the reflector.  But I'm totally baffled by your not having called
Mosley FIRST.  Yes!  They're very much in business... only dealing direct
instead of through dealers.... and their number is:

  Technical Support ........... 314-994-7873

Their mailing address is:     M.E.I  or Mosley Electronics, Inc.
                                           10812 Ambassador Boulevard
                                           St. Louis, Missouri  63132 

They carry a line of parts for their antennas going back fifty years. I call
that impressive.

Good Luck with you quest.

Roger Elowitz, K2JAS

At 02:25 AM 6/2/97 +0000, you wrote:
>The traps I am working on a believed to be on a old mosley 3element beam.As
>what it is,is not for sure.The antenna was given to the club here and I was
>trying to get it ready for fd here.Someone here thought it was a 33? but
>not for sure.I will start with K1ER 
>suggestions here first.As for the traps there are still on the
>elements.That is about all I have here if anyone can go with that or I can
>give measurements for it.It has one trap per element side and it is a
>tribander.Thanks again,everyone out there.
>			<km5bn@camalott.com> 

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