[TowerTalk] Meters

Roger L. Elowitz K2JAS@worldnet.att.net
Tue, 03 Jun 1997 12:49:22 -0400

Hi Rod and All,

God! This is a G-R-E-A-T Idea!  Why didn't I (er... professor
Helfenschmaltz) think of that?  Metric Compasses.  Divide circles into only
One Hundred or One Thousand degrees?  I dunno!  Perhaps it's worthy of some
serious thought. Although the markings would get a bit crowded at the 1000
level.  I can live with 100 however.

Then we could get to work dividing the day into Ten or One Hundred Hours
instead of the ridiculous 24. Ten would speed things up a bit and it would
drag on like hell at 100 or is it the other way around? After that, we could
outlaw things like a dozen eggs... and just make a nice round TEN the
standard.... if the cholesterol doesn't kill us first.

When that's finished we could tackle bringing the price of popcorn in the
movies down to something that resembles it's true value.... Giant Size.....
$0.03 with a profit margin to the management of 200% instead of the current
10 to the power of 5,000,000%.  And, the next time they want to know if you
want butter on your popcorn.... challenge them to tell you what that stuff
is really made of.... Bet it'll even give coconuts cancer.

After that we will take on the ludicrous practice of selling boxes of screws
by the 25 ct. and nuts by the 20ct. And similarly the same idiocy with
franks and their rolls.  

However, Metric Plastic Owls are just plain silly.  Everyone already knows
that Plastic Owls are only made in the British SAE system.... that is
"cluck-wise."   And of course any idiot knows that Cling Free doesn't come
in metric or SAE versions and doesn't have to.... Thank God!

And somewhere there should be a sign in all tower catalogs that
says...."Beware!  The ancillary hardware and supporting equipment necessary
for the erection of the tower you are considering.... WILL COST NEARLY AS

Now... I'm off to tilt at a few windmills.... which might make great beam
support structures.

-73- All,

Roger, K2JAS

At 03:40 PM 6/3/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Much as I dislike reflector content censors (note some of my other
>posts), I saw a thread on this subject turn really ugly on another
>(non-ham) reflector. May I suggest that we all research how to
>calculate true north in the metric system and then apply the results
>to polishing our antennae before installing with plastic owls.
>73, Rod N4SI
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