[TowerTalk] Quads

Frank T. Brady ftbrady@cosmoslink.net
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 15:09:51 -0700

This list is a treasure trove!

Until now, I've always had to look for a hamfest or swapmeet for access to
so many experienced hams.

I didn't see any special list for antenna talk, is that subject "on-topic"
here?  If so, I would sure like to hear some opinions on whether or not my
reasoning for planning a 40 meter quad is sound.  I seem to remember some
text in the fifties saying that a quad has a lower angle of radiation for
the same height relative to a yagi and that the quad can copy signals that a
yagi can't due to its' "quiet" nature.  Unfortunately, I can't find much
quad literature to support these recollections.  Aside from the ARRL Antenna
books and small sections on quads in most antenna manuals, the only book I
have now is "The Quad Antenna" by Bob Haviland, W4MB.  I know Bill Orr wrote
something like "All About Quads" decades ago, but I can't find it now and I
would hope that more books have been written since the fifties.

So .... any thoughts, comments on quads for 40m and/or books about quads
that I've missed?

Best Regards & 73s
Frank  Brady - W0ECS

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